20 years Bailando

Dear friends  WOW Thanks to all of you I was able to live a dancing dream. Bailando is the Song which gave me so much joy happiness and opportunities. Thanks to Dj Sammy who believed in me 20 years ago.

The job of Bailando is already done. This remake is not meant to try to have a better version it’s just to say thanks to everybody for the last 20 years of my Loonalife. I thank you all, your love and support are amazing I thank you from the bottom of my heart…
Bailando is an attitude no matter what happens catch the moment to Bailando your life…It’s worthed

Big kiss and thanks to everybody who supported me these 20 years.

Dear Grzegorz Tarnik aka Dj Combo thanks for your great remake 2018 Bailando yeah! Doug Laurent we did it again thanks to World 2 Media.

Watch out new singel and remixes of Loona’s Bailando 2018

Dear Brenda Jones thanks to support me in the new video of Bailando. Everybody a Guiltysparkle.com 💋

Thanks Hairtalk.com for the beautiful hair .. Blonde rules ❤️